How's that for a colour. I own nothing like it. This dust coat is everythiiiiiing and more. How could I leave this piece behind? Well at first I did, but If you're anything like me, well lets just say you know how that goes. First the sleepless nights, then the torture, did I mention the torture? 
I was not surprised to see this item sold out on line in just a matter of days. 

Love the waterfall detailing of the collar. 

I threw on my tortoise super frames and completed the look with an all white ensemble. I was going for an all denim look, but that quickly changed once my destination did. Fashion guru Olivia Palermo was also seen in this hot item seen pictured below. She knocked this look right out the park. I might just follow her lead and pair my white palazzo pants with this coat. 

Wearing; #LimeCrime lip stick in Cashmere 

Wearing: ZARA- coat, crop top, jeans and sandals, SUPER sunglasses 

Until next post my loves ..... 

xoxo TY



So I really wanted to start this sentence off with something cliche' like Back like I never left.... but hell! Who am  I kidding its been a while peeps. It feels so good to be back. I can't wait to share my looks with you guys. You all have showed me so much love over the past few years and it's that kind of support that keeps me going. 

Lately I've been feeling uninspired, but now that spring is here and the traces of this nasty winter is no longer, I think ya girl is quickly getting her MOJO back.  Don't believe me just watch?  I've especially missed wearing my open toe sandals, showing off that bright coloured mani that's been hidden all winter long in my sweaty hunter boots. UGH! just the thought of it. They're now back in the box where they belong. 

Wore this dress to dinner with the fam. Nothing fussy just kept it real simple. These shoes I purchased last year from the Zara sale. They were definitely worth the wait, AND I bought them in orange as well for quarter of the original price. Don't you just love when that happens?  If only I had the will power to wait until everything I liked went on sale to purchase. That right there is a patient shopper, but ya girl ain't got time for that. Life is too short to be waiting for things to go on sale all the time LOL you feel me? 

Wearing: Zara; leather jacket, dress, shoes,  Oliver Peoples; sunnies 



I've loved bombers for ever and I'm so happy that they are making a comeback. Spotted on the runways and on some of our fave celebs, bombers are back with a fresh, new spin. Dress it up or dress it down, but just don't leave home without it. 

I've been living in bomber jackets and midi skirts lately.  The ease of not having to dress up or down is genius ... I think I've found a happy medium.  Another fave that I've been wearing to death are these Zara cut out sandals. Inspired by Azzedine Alaia, 
(a Tunisian born couturier and shoe designer ) Zara's replica had me dishing out my cash in seconds. A happy ending for sales associates but never my pockets. 

H&M- Bomber, rings / American Apparel- bodysuit / Zara- sandals, Jeans / Oliver Peoples- sunglasses, MK- Watch

I completed my look with an American Apparel body suit and jeans. 



No I have not fallen completely off the face of the earth, but a lot off schedule lately! While I was hoping to update my blog a lot more this summer life just wont let me. I also haven't been feeling inspired as of lately. I've been living in midi skirts and bombers for the last couple weeks, so I decided to shake loose, get out my funk and dress up. 

These pants fit amazing, but they do need tapering. A little visit to the tailor and they should be as good as new.  

My son told me this morning that I looked like spiderman. Didn't really understand where he was going with this until 2 hours later it dawned on me that I was in fact wearing spiderman colors. Smart kid, me not so much lol.... So I decided to name this post spiderman.

Bcbg- blazer / Zara- trousers / Aritzia- croptop /J.Crew- necklace / Christian Louboutin- So Kate

xoxo TY



This floral print immediately had me at hello! This was not your average floral print and that's what Immediately grabbed my attention.  I decided to keep it real simple in an American Apparel crop top and some Zara basic sandals. 

The bag was a steal from Marshall's! Yes hunny I said Marshall's! I too still cant believe it, for just $29.99 I happily scooped up this Chanel boy bag "look alike!" Hey this will have to do until I can some day afford the real thing, what can I say 
"started from the bottom now we here" .... not quite but close enough LOL 

So I know I've left y'all hanging in regards to me posting more often on the blog.  (wheres the emojis when you need it? LOL)  I am truly sorry and can't say that it wont happen again, but I will try my best to post more often.  3 times a week if I get around to it, and I thank you ALL for the continued support! 

ciao lovelies 
xoxo Ty


Filters & Florals

Before I ramble on, these pics were taken with my Iphone and are dripping in filter juice! 
 I apologize for the quality! 
*Note to self: Always walk with your camera*  (I swear I usually do)
I'm baaaaack, and I'm slowly gaining my mojo back * sticks tongue out.  Its starting to warm up so the posts are gonna start rolling in, just bare with me. I have quickly came to the realization that I am floral obsessed! Not too sure why, but the over powering floral pieces in my closet don't lie. I've had this pencil skirt for years and never really felt like I've done it justice till now. I had fun pairing this floral sweater with a pencil skirt.  Although I envisioned these shoes with my outfit, the tan will have to do for now.  
Those shoes however are still on my list! 

Wearing; Jcrew- sweater,  H&M- necklace, Aldo- Purse, Zara- heels, Marciano- corset skirt

Love the corset detailing on the back of this skirt! Different and refreshing but still classic. 

Talk  to you guys real soon 



Hey guys, its been a while. I promise you my love for blogging has not ended.  This year has been one of the worst and coldest winters here in Toronto, making it impossible to get all dressed up. I love my city, but times like these I would hop on a plane to LA with no regrets.   I think it's safe to say spring is here.  The snow's finally starting to melt and the sun was out this week.  Hope it stays this way 
(fingers crossed)

Oh my latest obsession you ask?  Sweatshirts and skirts. I've been living in sweatshirts for the past 6 months ( blame it on the weather) and I must confess I kind of liked it! (who am I becoming?) Since I'm not your typical sporty girl, I paired one of my favourite waffle skirts to balance out the look! 
Going back to my high school days I've always been #Team Adidas.  Love how they've reinvented the brand.  The best thing about this look was recreating all my adidas pieces into this fit! Now that springs here, I can't wait to experiment with sweatshirts, pencil skirts and some dainty heels.  Yes I'm all for this.....

Adidas- sweatshirt, sneakers, and clutch  H&M- skirt and necklace, MAC- Embrace me lipstick

Love the texture of this skirt

I didn't last long in this fit.  As the day progressed the temperatures dropped drastically forcing me to change into pants.  

This was the initial look, however I was going for comfort, so I slipped out of these and slipped into my sneaks.  A much more sportier look if you ask me.